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    Beef Jerky - Reiche's  (each)
    Reiche's Beef New York Strip Steak Frozen 1 per package Approx .25 - .75 each $17.95 lb..
    Beef Sausage - Frozen (per lb)
    In Stock
    Beef Sirloin Steak - Grass Fed
    Vendor: Harley Farms
    High welfare beef sirloin steak. Perfect for BBQing or on the griddle. ..
    Beef Stew Meat - Frozen (approx 1 lb package)
    Reiche's Beef Stew Meat Order by package Frozen Approx 1 lb package $6.50 per lb Final price will be adjusted based upon actual weight..
    Beef Stir Fry Strips  - High Welfare (approx 1 lb)
    Bestseller In Stock
    Vendor: Harley Farms
    High Welfare Beef Stir Fry Strips Grass-fed Approx .50 lb..
    Beef Tomahawk Steak (approx 1.5-1.75 lb)
    Bestseller Pre-Order
    Vendor: Harley Farms
    Beef Tomahawk Steak. Grass-fed Approx 1.5-1.75 lbs..
    Burger Patties - Frozen (per package)
    Bestseller In Stock
    Heart Shaped Butterflied Rib Eye Steak for Two Fresh from the Butcher! Approx 1 lb - 1.25 lbs each Perfect to Share with a Love One this Valentine's Day or Give as a Gift! Healthy Appetite? Order 1 for each of You! Quantities are limited so Preorder yours Today! Final price will be adjusted b..
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