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     Locally Made Sweet with Heat Pepperettes
    Locally made at Earlidale Meats, in a 100% gluten free facility, these Pepperettes are sure to please your palate! They are smoked, and therefore are great for travelling or camping!  Try serving them in a toothpick with a cheese cube and an olive. This is a very attractive appetizer...
    Rosy pink salmon infused with real Canadian Maple Syrup and smoked to perfection.  Your taste buds will be tempted to eat more and more of this delicately flavoured fish.  The tender texture of the meat allows for a multitude of culinary options. Enjoy this product directly from the Ready-to-..
    3 Pack Smoked Salmon Mixer
    Enjoy 3 different delicious smoked salmon options: 1 x Candied Smoked Salmon (70g) 1 x Smoked Pink Salmon (113g) 1 x Maple Smoked Pink Salmon (100g) The mixer pack is a perfect fit for the smoked salmon lover or someone looking to try the different types of smoked salmon offerings. Here's the..
    Handcrafted, Beer Washed Artisanal Cheese This is a delicious marriage of our Oxford’s Harvest cheese with Beau’s All Natural Brewing of Vankleek Hill, Ontario. This sumptuous semi-soft cheese is washed every other day with a seasonal beer from Beau’s. This healthy product was prepared by Gunn’s H..
    Black Forest Sliced Ham  (approx 1 lb)
    Vendor: Harley Farms
    Black Forest Sliced Ham. Pork, Water, Spice (salt, sugar, flavouring, sodium phosphate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrate, sodium bicarbonate, smoke, propylene glycol), carrageenan , smoke. Approx 1lb. Ready to Eat..
    Rich in flavour and tradition.  Our wild caught pacific Sockeye Salmon is flavoured with a sweet candy brine smoked with patience using Natural Hardwoods.   Enjoy this product directly from the Ready-to-eat pouch, use as a topper or add it to your favourite Salmon dish. Distinctly Canadian. ..
    Charcuterie Boxes - Ready to Serve
    2-3 Days
    We have crafted some beautiful Charcuterie Boxes. Serves 2-4..
    Armstrong Cheese - Assorted Flavors - 400g each Medium, Marble, Mozzarella, Old..
    Black Diamond cheese - Assorted Flavors - 400 g each Medium, Marble, Mozzarella, Havarti, Old, Monterey Jack..
    Maple Dale Cheese - 250 g each - Jalapeno Peppercorn, Smoked Cheddar ( 8.09), XXX Hot Cheddar, Carmelized Onion, Roasted Garlic, Carribean Style Cheddar, Aged 1 Year Cheddar (8.09), Ghost Pepper, Mediterrean, Dill and Garlic..
    Maple Dale Cheese Curds - Garlic, Jalapeno Pepper, Dill and Garlic and Cheddar..
    Glengarry Celtic Blue Cheese
    Bestseller 2-3 Days
    The Celtic Blue is a soft creamy blue cheese, with delicate blue veining and a limestone coloured natural rind which is developed by specific ripening cultures. The typical blue taste is mild and not aggressive and is softened by a nice buttery aroma. Available by the part wheel, half wheel, full wh..
    Glengarry Fleaur-en-lait
    Bestseller 2-3 Days
    The Fleur-en-Lait is related to the French St-Paulin. It is a semi-soft cheese, with a thin bright orange washed rind. Its rind pungency envelops the delicate but robust sweet and fruity flavored interior. Available in 2.75 kg wheels or wedges wrapped in French paper. Aged 3 months...
    Glengarry Highland Fresh Dunlap Style
    In Stock
    The Highland Fresh Cheese is a young, semi-firm, excellent table cheese made with whole cow milk, reminiscent of a Scottish Dunlop cheese. Packed in wedges, 200 gr. Aged to 2 months...
    Glengarry Iron Horse
    Bestseller 2-3 Days
    The Iron Horse Cheese is a Scottish Dunlop style aged cheese, 12 months +, sharp firm cheese with savory & sweet notes. This cheese is bandaged and cave aged to achieve maximum sharpness in flavor...
    Glengarry Lankaaster Aged
    The Lankaaster is a firm Dutch style cheese with a slightly open texture. The cheese is shaped as a loaf or a wheel to express the fact that it is meant to be sliced and eaten directly on bread as the Dutch farmers do. It has a unique profile that is given by the specific starter culture we use and ..
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