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    Beaus Artisan Cheese (170 g package)
    Out Of Stock
    Vendor: Calabogie Rustic Farm Model: Beaus Artisan Cheese (170 g package)
    Handcrafted, Beer Washed Artisanal Cheese This is a delicious marriage of our Oxford’s Harvest cheese with Beau’s All Natural Brewing of Vankleek Hill, Ontario. This sumptuous semi-soft cheese is washed every other day with a seasonal beer from Beau’s. This healthy product was prepared by Gunn’s H..
    Beking Organic Eggs
    2-3 Days
    Vendor: Burnt Bridge Quality Meats Model: Beking Organic Eggs
    Beking Organic Eggs Sold by Dozen..
    Vendor: Calabogie Rustic Farm Model: biemond-aged-organic-cheese
    A family run farm located in Oxford Station, Ontario that is part of a local sustainable farming movement. Their family has been farming for three generations and insists on continuing methods of natural and organic farming where all our hens are roam free...
    Vendor: Mrs Ottawa Valley Model: Christmas Breakfast Basket - Medium
    Gift Basket includes 1 Doz Free Run Eggs (Burnt Bridge, 1 package Bacon (Burnt Bridge) 1 500 ml Bottle Local Maple Syrup (Otterburn Maple Farm), 1 Belgian Waffle Mix (The Mix Company), 1 Pancake Mix (The Mix Company) and 1 bag locally roasted Coffee (Engine House Coffee or Madawaska Coffee Co) Incl..
    Vendor: Calabogie Rustic Farm Model: burnt-edge-chery-charcuterie-board
    Handcrafted  from local cherry wood. These boards have a hand hewn and burnt edge giving each one a unique look. 6" x 20"..
    Vendor: Bekings Model: Biemond Cream Top Yogurt
    Organic Probiotic Cream Top Plain Yogurt It is non-homogenized, therefore the cream will rise to the top of the container. Simply Stir and Enjoy!..
    Vendor: Bekings Model: Farm Fresh Cream Top Milk 4.3% - Biemond (1 L)
    Farm Fresh Cream Top Milk 4.3% Just like it used to be! Our pasteurized full fat milk brings you a clean, creamery, full flavoured experience that you can taste. Our minimal processing provides the consumer with a truly farm fresh old fashioned final product. Available every week..
    Free Run Eggs Free Run Eggs
    Popular In Stock
    Vendor: Burnt Bridge Quality Meats Model: Brown- Free Run Eggs
    Ontario Free Run Eggs - White or Brown depending on what is in stockBy doz or flat (30)..
    Glengarry Celtic Blue Cheese
    Popular 2-3 Days
    Vendor: Calabogie Rustic Farm Model: glengarry-celtic-blue-cheese
    The Celtic Blue is a soft creamy blue cheese, with delicate blue veining and a limestone coloured natural rind which is developed by specific ripening cultures. The typical blue taste is mild and not aggressive and is softened by a nice buttery aroma. Available by the part wheel, half wheel, full wh..
    Glengarry Fine Cheese Bridge End Bloomy
    Vendor: Calabogie Rustic Farm Model: glengarry-fine-cheese-bridge-end
    The Bridge End Camembert Style is a full fat cow milk soft bloomy rind cheese. 150 gram rounds, wrapped in French paper. It is irresistibly delicious...
    Vendor: Calabogie Rustic Farm Model: glengarry-highland-fresh-dunlap-style
    The Highland Fresh Cheese is a young, semi-firm, excellent table cheese made with whole cow milk, reminiscent of a Scottish Dunlop cheese. Packed in wedges, 200 gr. Aged to 2 months...
    Glengarry Iron Horse
    Vendor: Calabogie Rustic Farm Model: glengarry-iron-horse
    The Iron Horse Cheese is a Scottish Dunlop style aged cheese, 12 months +, sharp firm cheese with savory & sweet notes. This cheese is bandaged and cave aged to achieve maximum sharpness in flavor...
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