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    Deli Cheese

    Black Diamond cheese - Assorted Flavors - 400 g each Medium, Marble, Mozzarella, Havarti, Old, Monterey Jack..
    Cheese Curds - Maple Dale - Assorted Flavors
    Maple Dale Cheese Curds - Garlic, Jalapeno Pepper, Dill and Garlic and Cheddar..
    Fresh Cut Jalapeno Havarti - per lb
    Taste the difference of Fresh Cut Havarti! Smooth and buttery texture with a mild yet satisfyingly full flavour. Using the original Danish recipe and traditional craftsmanship, Arla® Jalapeño Havarti is the all natural choice made with 100% milk produced in Canada! It is fl..
    Fresh Cut Provolone Cheese - lb
    Taste the difference of fresh cut cheese! Provolone cheese is great and more intense in flavor when melted. It can be used in casseroles, panini, pizza, and baked pasta dishes, however, it does not melt as easy as mozzarella. Provolone cheese has a stronger, more complex flavor, ..
    Fresh Cut Regular Swiss Cheese - per lb
    Taste the difference of Fresh Cut Cheese! Regular Swiss Cheese can be used so many different ways! The uses are endless! Try using Swiss Cheese on sandwiches, casseroles, cheese platters, cheese sauces, and charcuterie boards, and serving with our locally made sweet pickles. ..
    Gunn's Hill 5 Brothers Smoked - approx 100 g wedge
    Glengarry Fine Cheese is located in Eastern Ontario just north of the village of Lancaster. They specialize in Fine Artisan style cheese from our neighbours Brown Swiss cow herd. This is a hand crafted cheese that combines traits from Gouda and another Swiss variety called Appenzeller. After one ye..
    Gunn's Hill Dark Side of the Moo - approx 100 g wedge
    This is a hand crafted cow's milk cheese that is modeled after a little known Swiss cheese called Mutchli. It is a mild creamy cheese with buttery flavors. It is first soaked for four days in Dark Side Chocolate Stout, from Woodstock's Upper Thames Brewery and then continues to age for four months. ..
    This is our Oxford's Harvest original cheese made with generous amounts of dill weed to add a distinct and seasoned flavour that you are sure to love...
    Oxford's Harvest Cheese with Garlic and Chives  - approx 100g slice
    This is our Oxford's Harvest original cheese made with ample flakes of garlic and chives to give it a rich and lasting flavour. Precut and wrapped wedge ..
    "Try sheep cheese and feel good!" Our Sheep's Milk Cheese Curd are local from Ewe-nique Dairy made near St. Clements Ontario. This cheese is perfectly friendly for most people who can't tolerate cow's milk. Smaller fat globules make sheep milk easier to digest. Hand crafted in small batches, this ch..
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