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    Have the Essentials delivered to your Door! You can even set up a re-occuring Weekly Delivery! Milk, Bread, Eggs, Butter and Juice 4 L Brum's Milk (0%, 1%, 2%, 3.25% or Chocolate) 2 Loaves Fresh Bread (White, Unsliced) 1 Dozen Eggs (Large) 1 lb Brum's Butter 2 L Juice (Apple, Orange) $30 ..
     Cabbage Rolls - Family size (12 per pack)
    Extra Lean ground beef and rice wrapped in cabbage, covered in tomato sauceFamily sizeFrozenPreorder item -..
     Ham - Bone in - Smoked  (3-4 lbs each)
    New Pre-Order
    Reiche's Bone in Smoked Ham Approx 3-4 lbs each Final price will be adjusted based upon the weigh ..
    Rolled shoulder roast is a mouth watering low and slow type cut to put in the slow cooker and enjoy on a busy weeknight. Mild Lamb Approx 3-4 lbs per package $12.75 per lb All Items will be billed exact weight on the final invoice ..
     Potato Cheddar Pierogie
    Bestseller Pre-Order
    Hand-made gourmet pierogi with potato, 4-year old cheddar & onion filling, certified organic enriched unbleached wheat flour (67%), organic Red Fife whole wheat flour (33%) and seasoned with Thyme, Paprika, Sage & Pepper. 1 dozen pierogi per 436 g package..
     Potatoes - White - Locally Grown - 50 lb Bag
    New -10 %
     Turkey - Fresh - Pasture Raised - 15-20+ lbs - $6.00 lb - (Preorder)
    Bestseller Pre-Order
    Vendor: Harley Farms
    Fresh Turkey - approx 15-20+ lbs High Welfare, Pasture raised $6.00 per lb Starting from approx $90 - $120+ each Choose the approx size you would like Will be delivered Fresh approx Oct 6-8 Final invoice with final weight will be provided prior to delivery Deposit is required Final payment ..
     Turkey - Frozen (approx 10-11 lbs each)  Turkey - Frozen (approx 10-11 lbs each)
    Granny's Whole Turkeys Frozen Grain fed Approx 10-11 lbs each $4.89/lb Approx $50-55 ea Final invoice will be adjusted based upon the final weight..
    'Chai' Mulling Spice for wine, tea, juice, punch
    Vendor: The Mix Company
    Serves 12-20. To warm your heart & share with friends. Add to any of your favourite beverages...
    One of the most popular cuts, great on the barbecue, roasted and much more! Mild Lamb Flavor Approx 1.5 lbs per package $16.75 per lb All items will be billed the exact weight on the final invoice..
    Leg of lamb is tender and a beautiful cut to roast in the oven. Mild Lamb Flavor Approx 2 lbs per package $12.75 per lb ..
    3 Berry Red Wine Jam - assorted sizes 3 Berry Red Wine Jam - assorted sizes
    We take a mixture of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries and combine with a Canadian Shiraz125 ml or 250 mlThese products are available for Pickup at the Chef Bill's, Contactless Delivery along with other Vendor's items by Mrs Grocery or can be shipped to your Home by Chef Bill.&n..
    3 Pack Smoked Salmon Mixer
    Enjoy 3 different delicious smoked salmon options: 1 x Candied Smoked Salmon (70g) 1 x Smoked Pink Salmon (113g) 1 x Maple Smoked Pink Salmon (100g) The mixer pack is a perfect fit for the smoked salmon lover or someone looking to try the different types of smoked salmon offerings. Here's the..
    Garam Masala is a spicy blend of aromatic spices and chiles from northern India. Garam Masala, which literally means warm (garam) spices (masala), does not generally have a lot of heat. The “warm” in the name refers to the warming effect the spices have on the body according to the princ..
    3-Rice & Veggie Soup Mix (with mild 'Herb+Veggie' seasoning)
    Vendor: The Mix Company
    Serves 8. Organic Wild and Basmati rices. Simply add water and cook. Prepared in our Gluten free factory..
    This rich and bold espresso blend radiates positive vibes and all things earthy. A perfect cup-anion as you kick it into high gear and achieve your goals once and for all. 100% Arabica Coffee Aroma: Chocolate & Smokiness Tasting Notes: Body: full Roast: Dark Acidity: Smooth. Available Sample ba..
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