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    Dairy & Eggs

    Beaus Artisan Cheese (170 g package)
    Handcrafted, Beer Washed Artisanal Cheese This is a delicious marriage of our Oxford’s Harvest cheese with Beau’s All Natural Brewing of Vankleek Hill, Ontario. This sumptuous semi-soft cheese is washed every other day with a seasonal beer from Beau’s. This healthy product was prepared by Gunn’s H..
    Beking's Pasture Raised Eggs
    A family run farm located in Oxford Station, Ontario that is part of a local sustainable farming movement. Their family has been farming for three generations and insists on continuing methods of natural and organic farming where all our hens are roam free...
    Armstrong Cheese - Assorted Flavors - 400g each Medium, Marble, Mozzarella, Old..
    Black Diamond cheese - Assorted Flavors - 400 g each Medium, Marble, Mozzarella, Havarti, Old, Monterey Jack..
    Maple Dale Cheese - 250 g each - Jalapeno Peppercorn, Smoked Cheddar ( 8.09), XXX Hot Cheddar, Carmelized Onion, Roasted Garlic, Carribean Style Cheddar, Aged 1 Year Cheddar (8.09), Ghost Pepper, Mediterrean, Dill and Garlic..
    Maple Dale Cheese Curds - Garlic, Jalapeno Pepper, Dill and Garlic and Cheddar..
    Vendor: Bekings
    Organic Probiotic Cream Top Plain Yogurt It is non-homogenized, therefore the cream will rise to the top of the container. Simply Stir and Enjoy!..
    Eggs - Beking's - Roam Free (Assorted sizes)
    Beking's Roam Free Eggs White or Brown depending on what is in stockBy doz or flat (30)..
    Eggs - Extra Large - from Laviolette Poultry Farm..
    Eggs- Large from Laviolette Poultry Farm..
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