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    Beking's Pasture Raised Eggs
    A family run farm located in Oxford Station, Ontario that is part of a local sustainable farming movement. Their family has been farming for three generations and insists on continuing methods of natural and organic farming where all our hens are roam free...
    Free ranged duck eggs by the dozen. Washed. Keep in fridge. Our runner duck flock has access to freely roam over 5 acres, including swimming in the pond or our creek all spring and summer long. These eggs are fantastic in baking, with deep yellow large yolks. ..
    Eggs - Beking's - Roam Free (Assorted sizes)
    Beking's Roam Free Eggs White or Brown depending on what is in stockBy doz or flat (30)..
    16 eggs per package. Never run out of eggs. No refrigeration required. Shelf stable for 10 years. No chemicals or preservatives. Just add water. Use in baking and cooking. Makes light and fluffy scrambled eggs and omelettes. 100g..
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