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    White Baguettes This product is currently only available on Thursdays Pre-order is required before eod Monday. $7 each or 2 for $12..
    Brownies - 2 Pieces
    A fudgy chocolate of pure deliciousness. Freshly baked and frozen. Packaged with two large pieces per container. Price is per container...
    Carrot Cake - 2 pieces
    Made from scratch cake with carrot grated in, topped with a creamy icing. Freshly baked and frozen. Packaged with two large pieces per container. Pricing is per container...
    Cinnamon Raisin Loaf
    Swirls of cinnamon sugar and raisins make this bread perfect for a sweet breakfast or a light dessert! Pre-order by EOD Monday ..
    Date Squares - 2 Pieces
    Buttery base of oatmeal topped with a thick layer of dates and more buttery topping. Packaged with two large pieces per container. Freshly baked and frozen. Prices is per container...
    Approx. 12 servings. It can be portioned and frozen, for later use. Our Homemade Blueberry Coffee Cake (with crumbs on top) is a delicious way to start your day! Serve with our Baden Coffee blends for an extra boost! This coffee cake is delicious at any time of day...serve it to friends and family..
    Italian Loaf
    Kaiser Buns - Fresh Baked - Bag of 6
    2-3 Days
    Monkey Bread
    Fresh Monkey Bread Contains nuts, mil and cinnamon) ..
    Fudge Flavours are always changing and different from week to week... so be sure to check back frequently for the new kinds and seasonal varieties!What is your favorite?..
    Red Fife Loaf
    Red Fife Loaf This product is made with only flour water salt and yeast..
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