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    Vendor: Long Lane Farms
    Long Lane Farms Pasture Raised Chicken and Pork Box contains 10 lbs assorted pork cuts (ground, chops, roast) 10 lbs whole chicken ..
    One of the most popular cuts, great on the barbecue, roasted and much more! Mild Lamb Flavor Approx 1.5 lbs per package $16.75 per lb All items will be billed the exact weight on the final invoice..
    Leg of lamb is tender and a beautiful cut to roast in the oven. Mild Lamb Flavor Approx 2 lbs per package $12.75 per lb ..
    Apple Pie - Fresh Baked - Serves 8-12
    New Pre-Order
    Apples on apples on apples - This pie is filled to the brim with perfectly cooked, spiced apples and encased in our signature flaky crust. Serves 8-12..
    Apple Pie Cheesecake - Serves 8-12
    New Pre-Order
    Our cheesecakes are incredibly creamy and decadent. With a double crust surrounding them, every bite is guaranteed to be full of great texture and flavour. This apple pie cheesecake is our classic vanilla cheesecake topped with apple pie filling exactly as you'd find inside of our apple pie. Serves ..
    Assorted Treats Tray - Squares and Cookies
    Bestseller 2-3 Days
    Tray of Assorted Cookies and SquaresServes 15-20 people2-3 pieces per personMay contain nuts..
    Buffalo Chicken Dip - B&E's
    In Stock
    Buffalo Chicken Dip - B&E's Small - Feeds 1-2 Large - Feeds 4-6 Frozen..
    One of the most popular cuts, great on the barbecue, roasted and much more! Approx 3 lbs per package Mild Lamb Flavor $16.75 per lb All items will be billed exact weight on the final invoice ..
    Carrot Cake
    2-3 Days
    Delicious Bundt Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese IcingServes 12-14Contains Nuts and Raisins..
    Centrepiece Pumpkin (Multi Grain Loaf)
    New Pre-Order
    This loaf is sure to wow all of your friends and family with it's intricate designs and amazing flavour. Use this loaf as a centrepiece for your thanksgiving meal and then enjoy it with leftovers the next day (contains a cinnamon stick)..
    Charcuterie Boxes - Ready to Serve
    2-3 Days
    We have crafted some beautiful Charcuterie Boxes. Serves 2-4..
    Chicken Alfredo- J&E's
    In Stock
    Chicken Alfredo- J&E's Small - Feeds 1-2 Large - Feeds 4-6 Frozen ..
    Chicken Parmesan - J&E's
    In Stock
    Chicken Parmesan - J&E's Small - Feeds 1-2 Larger - Feeds 4-6 Frozen..
    Vendor: Harley Farms
    Ingredients: Chicken Breast, Bread Crumbs, oregano, Basil, Salt, Tomato Sauce, Parmesan, Egg & Flour..
    Vendor: Harley Farms
    Ingredients: Diced Chicken, Chicken Stock, Carrots, Onion, Cauliflower, Peas, Tarragon, 35% Cream, Flour, Butter, Salt..
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