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    Large Groups

    Our "Spring Peepers" are one of our most popular cookies, and are only made in the spring, and around Easter time. Chocolate Chip cookies at their best! ..
    Assorted Treats Tray - Squares and Cookies - Gluten Free
    2-3 Days
    Tray of Assorted Cookies and Squares - Gluten FreeServes 15-20 people2-3 pieces per personMay contain nuts..
    Sandwich Trays - Assorted
    2-3 Days
    Assorted Sandwich Tray Assortment of the best sandwiches on our scratch-made breads Mix of California Chicken, Egg Salad, Ham, Smoked Meat, Turkey, Roast Beef and Ham and Swiss available ) 10 people 4 quarters per person Preorder in advance..
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