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    Milk & Cream

    Farm Fresh Cream Top Milk 4.3% - Biemond (1 L or 2 L)
    Vendor: Bekings
    Farm Fresh Cream Top Milk 4.3% Just like it used to be! Our pasteurized full fat milk brings you a clean, creamery, full flavoured experience that you can taste. Our minimal processing provides the consumer with a truly farm fresh old fashioned final product. Available every week..
    Fussell's Cream
    Packaged in a traditional 170 ml can with a 19th century-style label. After being vigorously shaken (to thicken the cream) it is customarily served atop pies, tarts and fruit. Mouthing watering and hard to get...
    Have the Essentials delivered to your Door! You can even set up a re-occuring Weekly Delivery! Milk, Bread, Eggs, Butter and Juice 4 L Brum's Milk (0%, 1%, 2%, 3.25% or Chocolate) 2 Loaves Fresh Bread (White, Unsliced) 1 Dozen Eggs (Large or Extra Large) 1 lb Brum's Butter 2 L Juice (Apple, ..
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