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    Shrimp & Prawns

     Scallops -Wild Canadian 10/20
    Out Of Stock
    1 pound of 10/20 Canadian Sea Scallops from The Whales Bone Wild Nova Scotia Scallops. Sold frozen, approximately 15 large Scallops..
    Cooked Shrimp 21/25 Count (1LB)
    Frozen, large size (21 to 25 per pound) cooked shrimp.per pound...
    One pound of cooked frozen 31/40 count Vannamei Shrimp...
    Coldwater Northern shrimp from The Whales Bone Nicknamed the Matane shrimp (since the first processing plant was located in Matane, Quebec). 1/b lb..
    One pound of frozen 31/40 count raw Vannamei Shrimp...
    Raw Shrimp 21/25 Count (1LB)
    Raw, peeled,and deveined (21 to 25 per pound) frozen shrimp.per pound...
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