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    Chips, Crackers, Nuts & Snacks

    3 Pack Smoked Salmon Mixer
    Enjoy 3 different delicious smoked salmon options: 1 x Candied Smoked Salmon (70g) 1 x Smoked Pink Salmon (113g) 1 x Maple Smoked Pink Salmon (100g) The mixer pack is a perfect fit for the smoked salmon lover or someone looking to try the different types of smoked salmon offerings. Here's the..
    Banana Chips - per lb
    Available in approx. 1/2 lb size. Make your own trail mix with dried banana chips! They are healthy, delicious, and so good!  The main health benefits that dried banana chips contain (like fresh bananas)  they are rich in fiber, iron, and potassium...
    Butternut Peanuts - per lb
    Approx. .75 lb. container.  Our Butternut peanuts ( similar to Wow Nuts, as some call them) are peanuts that are candy coated. Mix them with your favorite trail mix for some sweetness. Keep them in your favourite candy dish for a little “pick me up” now and then...
    Rich in flavour and tradition.  Our wild caught pacific Sockeye Salmon is flavoured with a sweet candy brine smoked with patience using Natural Hardwoods.   Enjoy this product directly from the Ready-to-eat pouch, use as a topper or add it to your favourite Salmon dish. Distinctly Canadian. ..
    Cheese Powder - per lb
    Shake cheddar cheese powder over popcorn or potato chips for a tasty snack or sprinkle it over soup for enhanced flavor. Ingredients: 1/4 cup of butter or margarine, 1/4 cup of milk, 2 tbsp of cheddar cheese powder...
    Lay’s Chips
    Lay’s Chips Choose from Classic, Ketchup, Salt&Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion, Sweet Chili Heat, Salt & Pepper, BBQ, Cheddar, Dill Pickle, Wavy Original, All Dressed, Smokey Bacon ..
    Rosy pink salmon infused with real Canadian Maple Syrup and smoked to perfection.  Your taste buds will be tempted to eat more and more of this delicately flavoured fish.  The tender texture of the meat allows for a multitude of culinary options. Enjoy this product directly from the Ready-to-..
    Pita Crackers (seven grains and seeds)
    142g. Pita Crackers with 7 grains and seeds are made local by Barrie's asparagus. Healthy Crackers made with wheat, rye, oats, flax, millet, teff, and chia seeds Serve with our Taco Dip or Salsas for a nice snack! ..
    Roasted Salted Cashews
    Available in 1/2 lb size. Our jumbo roasted & salted cashews are mouthwatering, and absolutely a must to add to your favorite trail mix. These deliciously large nuts are freshly roasted and lightly sprinkled with salt to bring out that sweet, buttery flavuor you love...
    1 lb size.Salted Mixed Nuts are a good and healthy snack any time! Add them to your favorite trail mix for a variety. Salted mixed nuts will give you a protein fix anytime! ..
    Slappytail Salmon Bites (50 g each)
    In Stock
    Use it as a salad topper, mix it for a sandwich or eat it right out of the ready-to-eat pouch. Choosing the proper nourishment is important.  Salmon Snacks make it easy! Here's the Nitty Gritty: Ready-to-eat 50g pouch Loaded with natural protein and Omega 3 No refrigera..
    Smoked Pink Salmon - Single pack (113 g pack)
    In Stock
    One of Canada's favourites!  Natural Hardwood Smoked Pink Salmon.  This delicate flavoured fish pairs well with capers, chopped red onions or jalapeños.  Don't forget parsley or dill!  Both are staples with smoked salmon. Enjoy this product directly from the Ready-to-eat pouch, use as s topper o..
    Taco Farm Tortilla Chips
    340 g. Fresh, 100% Natural and Gluten Free! These great tasting chips are made local, and are absolutely delicious served with our dips! Serve with our own Homemade Taco Dip, Red Pepper Pretzel Dip, or Dilly Dip! ..
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