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    Toby and Bella's

    Toby and Bella's Organ Meat Treats
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    Locally Raised and Sourced Meat Nutrient rich liver, tongue, kidney, spleen of locally raised beef and pork.  A healthy treat for any sized or aged dog.  Cats being carnivores love them too...
    Toby and Bella's Treats
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    Treats made with all natural ingredients - with health benefits. Pumpkin Ginger - Pumpkin aids healthy digestion in dogs, paving the way for fresher breath. It also includes Vitamins A, C and E, all of which are recommended to improve bad breath. Coconut oil is said to boost the immune system, may h..
    Toby and Bella's Treats - Cellophane bags
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    Toby and Bella's all natural handmade treats are not only without unnecessary additives and preservatives but also have health benefits. Our ingredients are selected for their individual properties and sourced as close to home as possible, some things we actually grow ourselves. There is minimal..
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