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    Fresh Beets Per Bunch Larger Quantities available in the fall ..
    Green Cabbage Order as many lbs as you would like 1.25 lb..
    Raspberry Jam 250 or 500 ml..
    There is one tsp of red chili flakes per batch of 10 jars, making the jelly not hot but still with a little kick. 250ml jars..
    Potatoes Order in 1 lb increments Half price of the other vegetables .63 lb ..
    This is a nice blend of strawberries and rhubarb with a semi-sweet finish. Designed like the pie it has a 4-1 ratio of strawberries to rhubarb. 750 ml Tax included..
    For those looking for something on the sweeter side, but doesn't have as much punch as our double berry sweet, this one's for you. This wine is the name-a lot of strawberry flavour, but with a smooth finish. 750 ml Tax included..
    Our Original recipe. A full Strawberry taste without any of the sugar. 13.4% alcohol 750 ml bottle ..
    This is one of the first wines we started making. This strawberry is almost like an ice wine, it's so sweet. Made with twice the amount of berries as our dry recipe, this would be a great dessert wine..
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