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    Rosy pink salmon infused with real Canadian Maple Syrup and smoked to perfection.  Your taste buds will be tempted to eat more and more of this delicately flavoured fish.  The tender texture of the meat allows for a multitude of culinary options. Enjoy this product directly from the Ready-to-..
    Enjoy 3 different delicious smoked salmon options: 1 x Candied Smoked Salmon (70g) 1 x Smoked Pink Salmon (113g) 1 x Maple Smoked Pink Salmon (100g) The mixer pack is a perfect fit for the smoked salmon lover or someone looking to try the different types of smoked salmon offerings. Here's the..
    Rich in flavour and tradition.  Our wild caught pacific Sockeye Salmon is flavoured with a sweet candy brine smoked with patience using Natural Hardwoods.   Enjoy this product directly from the Ready-to-eat pouch, use as a topper or add it to your favourite Salmon dish. Distinctly Canadian. ..
    Use it as a salad topper, mix it for a sandwich or eat it right out of the ready-to-eat pouch. Choosing the proper nourishment is important.  Salmon Snacks make it easy! Here's the Nitty Gritty: Ready-to-eat 50g pouch Loaded with natural protein and Omega 3 No refrigera..
    One of Canada's favourites!  Natural Hardwood Smoked Pink Salmon.  This delicate flavoured fish pairs well with capers, chopped red onions or jalapeños.  Don't forget parsley or dill!  Both are staples with smoked salmon. Enjoy this product directly from the Ready-to-eat pouch, use as s topper o..
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