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    Cheese Kit - Poutine Curds Kit

    Cheese Kit - Poutine Curds Kit
    Cheese Kit - Poutine Curds Kit
    POUTINE CHEESE CURDS Savour the delicious flavour (and squeak) of fresh, homemade cheese curds! This kit has enough ingredients to make 8 batches and comes with all the equipment, ingredients and instructions you need. (1 Batch = 1 Pounds of cheese!) We also include a bonus gravy! All you have to do is provide your own milk... and the fries! Hands-on Time: 2-3 Hours Total Time from Start to Finish: 2-5 Hours THIS KIT INCLUDES Cheesecloth Milk Thermometer Microbial (Vegetarian) Rennet Calcium Chloride Bacterial Culture (Mesophilic) Fine Salt Bonus Gravy Recipe Booklet (With helpful hints and Pictures) STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS Lasts up to 2 years. For maximum shelf life, store bacterial culture in the freezer. Rennet will last 5 years in freezer, 3 years at room temperature. Calcium Chloride in a dark, cool place such as a fridge. All other ingredients are to be kept at room temperature.
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