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    Oven-roasted bones, from our organically raised, grass-fed Scottish Highland cattle, are simmered for 24 hours and flavoured with salt, pepper, rosemary and thyme. The result, a super-rich, concentrated broth that is nutrition gold. 750 ml..
    Big, juicy grass-fed beef patties infused with bone broth, made from our Scottish Highland. Delicious and nutritious!..
    A very high quality beef tallow seasoned lightly with just a hint of rosemary and thyme. Our Scottish Highland cattle are not fed grain, so this tallow has a light and surprisingly non-greasy character when used. Great butter substitute for keto and paleo diets...
    Great tasting grass-fed ground beef. From heritage breed Scottish Highlands raised on our farm all their lives. This slower growing breed makes the best beef Try and you'll never settle for anything less. Sold frozen, cut and wrapped. Packages are around 1 lb. Final price will be adjusted ba..
    Really succulent beefy flavour when cooked medium rare. Good for grilling or BBQ. Sold frozen, cut and wrapped. Two steaks per package. Package is around 2lbs (900g). Final price will be adjusted based on actual weight of package to be delivered. From grass-fed, organically raised Scottish H..
    Award winning buttertarts, made only with real dairy butter and organic wheat flour, these butter tarts are sweetened with locally source certified Organic Dark maple syrup and organic coconut sugar. Outstanding flavour and gooey texture when oven warmed at 175 F for 10 minutes before serving...
    Hand-made gourmet pierogi with a delectable beef (our grass-fed highland beef), potato, onion, shredded turnip and red pepper filling. Lightly seasoned with tumeric, paprika, savoury, salt and pepper. The dough is made with certified organic enriched unbleached wheat flour (67%), organic Red Fife wh..
    Hand-made gourmet pierogi with potato, 4-year old cheddar & onion filling, certified organic enriched unbleached wheat flour (67%), organic Red Fife whole wheat flour (33%) and seasoned with Thyme, Paprika, Sage & Pepper.  1 Doz per 436 g package..
    What could be easier? Grab this convenient combo when you are heading out for the weekend or making a special meal in your backyard. Our Scottish Highland grass-fed ground beef is lean and full of flavour. While your burgers are sizzling, boil some water, cook the 12 large pierogi until they float,..
    Exceptionally tasty finger food for special occasions or a convenient, everyday comfort food. Rich all-butter pastry wraps the all-grass-fed beef and quinoa interior. Flavoured with Thyme, Sage and Rosemary. 5 Sausage Rolls per 500g package..
    This is a grilling / BBQ quality steak. With melt in your mouth texture, juicy and real beef flavour. Sold frozen, cut and wrapped. There are 2 steaks in a package. Package is ~250g (8oz). Price is per lb. Final cost will be adjusted based on actual weight of package to be delivered...
    Pasta made by hand with 66% organic, all-purpose wheat flour, 33% organic whole wheat flour, free run eggs, water and olive oil. Very convenient - cooks from frozen in 5 minsutes.  Serves 4 as an appetizer.  3 cheeses (ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan)..
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