Beginning in 2017, the scented bohemian has been about nothing less than curating the best products and recipes to keep your skin healthy, naturally. 

We’ve spent thousands of hours combing through research and testing ingredients to ensure only the safest, natural recipes make it into our products. 

So whether you’re looking for a natural skin moisturizer, a chemical-free anti-aging product, or just need help learning which natural products are right for you, the scented bohemian is here to help. 

As the scented bohemian continues to grow and provide our customers with natural body care solutions, we remain dedicated to making our products in small batches to ensure both quality and freshness at all times.

We are an eco-oriented business, dedicated to producing personal care products that are completely chemical-free and safe to use for all skin types. 

All of our recipes have been tried and tested to be true, healthy alternatives to the heavily-fragranced and commercial products commonly in most stores today. 

As a small business based out of small-town Deep River, Ontario, we strive to always keep the community in mind. 

You’ll find us at all sorts of events and happenings in the surrounding areas, and our products are currently being sold by a few choice retailers in the region.

We live in a world where it can often be hard to distinguish fact from fiction. 

From our food and the clothing on our backs to our electronics and even the products we put into our bodies, practically everything is produced by using nasty chemicals that can have devastating and long-lasting effects on the human body.

That’s why we’ve created the scented bohemian: to transform this landscape of chemical-laden products into something cleaner, something purer. 

Our number one goal is always to provide safe, natural alternatives to the heavily-fragranced, chemical products that are so commonly found in stores today. 

Our personal care products are all made using only chemical-free ingredients that are 100% safe for all skin types. These ingredients also provide a wide range of natural benefits that ensure you’ll look your best at all times.

But using our products isn’t just about looking good, it’s about keeping you, and your skin, healthy for all the years to come.