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    Assorted Treats Tray - Squares and Cookies
    Bestseller 2-3 Days
    Tray of Assorted Cookies and SquaresServes 15-20 people2-3 pieces per personMay contain nuts..
    Your charcuterie box includes: 2 Gunn's Hill flavoured cheese 1 Bridges Brie smoked sausage Fruit 1 red pepper jelly 1 pkg crackers..
    Sandwich Trays - Assorted
    Bestseller 2-3 Days
    Serves 10 peoe. Assorted Sandwich Tray Assortment of the best sandwiches on our scratch-made breads Mix of California Chicken, Egg Salad, Ham, Smoked Meat, Turkey, Roast Beef and Ham and Swiss available ) 10 people 4 quarters per person Preorder in advance..
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