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    Light and sweet with a touch of cinnamon. All the flavour and nutrition of a fresh apple but with a 20 year shelf life. No chemicals or preservatives. 18g..
    Crispy Apple Chips - Cinnamon Crispy Apple Chips - Cinnamon
    Dehydrated apple with cinnamon.We figure that when you choose the pure goodness of our Martin’s Crispy Apple Chips, you earn the right to sin a little. And so we’ve added just a dash of cinnamon to give you a tasty new choice. After all, variety is the spice of life! To learn more about ..
    Crispy Apple Chips - Original Crispy Apple Chips - Original
    100% dehydrated apple.The original Martin’s Crispy Apple Chips are made from apples and apples alone. Picked from the orchards and processed in our own plant to remove the water, we’ve created a taste you can’t get enough of and a crispness you can hear. To learn more about our Cri..
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